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Did hope and change mean having a government nanny?

Are you the one that voted for the elected nanny? And you wonder why blaming Bush for making it bad, is more idiotic for not blaming Bama for making it worse. You wanted hope and change? You got it. Bama hoped you wouldn't mind if he changed everything by the way he and the dems went off the spending cliff tripling the debt in 23 months more than Bush did in 8 years. Pelosi telling the nation that they need to hurry and vote & pass a $750 billion monster ----- then they'll read it. Hope and change all went into the toilet on Nov. 2nd. Lost the House, damn near lost the senate, 14 GOP governorships and 680 state house seats taken away from the dems. Hey Bama, you called it a "shellacking", the country gave you it's definition of "change". How come Pelosi and Reid are still clueless? Now Clinton to the rescue to image and re-kindle a dieing national support.......did it work for you?

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    looks like 2012 will be another..."hope and change" can even run against Bush

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    Oh yes Mr. question asker! *insert sarcasm Mr. Obama has helped us by dragging out more money from people who have actually earned it and given it to the dregs of society so that they don't have to work as much or risk anything. We also think that everyone having the same healthcare is a good thing, and people who actually make money should be paying more to the social security sucking dregs so that they don't have to find employment! : )

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