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How do you get over a friends death in afghanistan...?

i think the question really explains it all...


i grew up with this guy, steven. we became really good friends, then we started to date when he told me he was leaving it was a really hard thing to overcome, but he promised he would come back. and my mom just told me today that he passed away. i still cant believe it. i really wish i never dated or got close to him so this would be easier.

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    you dont. you keep them alive in your heart and memories and begin moving on with your life. it will get easier with time. eventually the hardest thing will be when you forget they are gone one day and remember after you have already picked up the phone to call them. my condolences to you and yours.

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    Not many of us die having actually made a real contribution to the world. He was lucky. His death did make a difference and it will continue to make a difference despite the fact that Obama is an appeaser and will eventually withdraw. Obama isn't going to be around forever. The thing about terrorism is that it is a war that will never end as long as we have countries who are either unable or unwilling to reign in their terrorists. As the years go by, terrorists will acquire WMD even if it's something as simple as anthrax. So you see, he was one of the first to recognize that evil must be attacked head on. I would rank him right up there with World War II Veterans who gave their lives knowing full well the ramifications of surrender or appeasement.

    Terrorists are not just magically going to go away. You have to hunt them down and kill them. They use negotiations to buy time and get stronger. The sooner people realize this, the better off the whole world is going to be.

    The only way to really get over it is to accept it as God's will in the battle of good and evil. I would imagine that people who lose friends to suicide or car wrecks have a much harder time accepting their death since it seems so pointless and needless. That's not the case here.

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    you'll never get over it. such a tragic story and i'm really sorry to hear about it.. it must be awful for everyone who he's left behind. as cliche as it sounds, time is a healer - while the scars will never fully heal, it will become easier to deal with.


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    You dont "get over" it. You just keep on going, you really have no other choice. But it is okay to be sad. Keep them in your thoughts but keep on living your life.

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    Sorry, But you don't. You accept it and keep them and the good times you had together, very close to your heart!

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