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Do guy's care mainly about looks ?

Would you ever date a person who's not very attractive but has a great personality?

I'm just wondering if there were guy's who care about personality .. I'm 16 . haha

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    ha this question is kind of difficult. cause i usually try to go with a girl that has a good personality and look at looks second. Cause let's be honest, the hottest girl in the world could have a personality of a rock--and that's just not cool. But on the flip side, the ugliest chick in the world could have an amazing but they make paper bags to solve that. jk jk. seriously though, it depends on the girl.

    Source(s): imma 17 yr old stud. lmao
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    I've met plenty of unattractive guys but with awesome, confident personalities. It totally obscures your vision. It's weird.

    Yes, I would rather date an unattractive guy with a great personality over an attractive guy with an ugly personality.

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    In my opinion i feel like looks count if you want a guy to be instantly attracted to you. But a personality counts more if he starts to know you more and like you for who you are rather than looks.

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    looks shouldn't matter. just personality should be what people want when they date someone.

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    no im a guy we care about that and personality plus poularity

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    they have to use 2/3 holes. The girl has a mouth, vagina, and butt. If she only does vagina, only mouth, or only butt, thats not good enough. Cus 2/3 holes aint bad.

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    Yeah, I would. But, I do count on looks though.....

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    guys just want a hot body, end of story. if you cant have it you're gonna be jackin alot, sorry

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    im aguy. and no i dont care about looks.

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