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Kelsey asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

How do I cheer my guy friend up?

His mom died today. I texted him and he told me his mom died today. I went over to his house and i hugged him. His face was red and he wasn't right. I was going to call him tonight and see if he's alright still.

He was a foster child since he was 2 so he never grew up with her. He's 19 now

What should I said to him when I call him?

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    Give him space, don't bombard him with messages. Tell him simply "You don't have to tell me anything, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be there for you" x

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    You shouldn't mention it at all. If you call him, talk about something else and don't make him even more miserable. I don't mean like calling him and talking about PSPs or something but say something like "Hey, how're you doing?" don't sound too cheerful, he might think you don't care.

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    i don't think you should mention it - he probably needs something to take his mind off it and random, normal friendly chat would be just what he needs right now. make sure he knows you're there for him if he does wanna talk about it, but don't like push it or anything.

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