What do YOU do when you're sick with a really bad cold and you have a 12 month old?

I have a 12 month old daughter and I'm a stay at home mom. Now, don't get me wrong, I realize I'm lucky as hell to be able to stay home with her instead of going back to work but I have a really bad cold (first one this year, last year she was little enough just to sleep with me when I got sick) and I'm just beat.

What do YOU do when you're really sick (flu, cold, etc) and you have a little one at home to take care of? My husband works until 7pm and is no help anyway (he would just dump her in her playpen and let her cry if he wanted to do something or if she was being too 'difficult'). Obviously I'm not going to do that (though I've been letting her have free reign of the living room, while I'm in it with her and it's been made safe for her) but I don't have any energy and my nose and eyes won't stop running and well, I just feel like crap lol.

I'm almost tempted to hire someone to look after her for a few hours while I'm home so I can get some housework done and sleep a bit but I don't know anyone in the area (we just moved here) and my Mom has breast cancer and just had surgery so she can't lift anything (and lives 30 minutes away and has no car lol).

Poo. I'd rather be not sick and doing housework any day.

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    I know what it's like.

    I used to work in a childcare center and as you can imagine... all the kids running around with cold gave us all colds. it was almost constant for me, 'cause i was a newbie and hadn't developed a high level of immunity yet.

    if you have non-drowsy cold meds then take them. allow yourself a power-nap when she's having a nap herself. make/order some chicken soup and drink plenty of water throughout the day- even if you're not thirsty. and forget the housework for a day. it can wait until you're better for the most part.

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    I would block off the living room (or whatever room you plan on being in) and make sure it's as baby-friendly as possible. Then put lots of different toys around the room (preferably things she doesn't play with often to keep her interested longer). Have a sippy cup and a safe, relatively clean snack like cheerios, have a few movies on hand (love "Baby Einstein" movies for that age!), get some books to read to her and hopefully you'll be able to get a little rest on the couch while she explores the room!

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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    Yea that sucks... Try getting a friend, brother/sister, ANYONE over there to watch her for a few hours so you can sleep... I'm going thru the same thing but with a 2 year old boy

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    The babysitter sounds like a good plan--but I'd use the time to rest, not do chores. Your body has to heal!

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