whats the perfect general letter introduction?


I am trying to write a donation letter to wide group of people and i want the opening to be general enough for the large group but not impersonal. So im trying to find something better than "to whom it may concern," or "dear sir/maam". the letter is asking for donations for a trip i am going on to Africa in February with my volunteer organization.

thank you so much for the help

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    1 decade ago
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    You should appeal to the quality that you hope these people posess - the quality that would make them be a likely donor. Additionally, you should also not use the traditional : even though it is a formal letter. You might even take it further by showing non-traditional enthusiasm in the greeting, using an exclamation point rather than a comma. Like so:

    Greetings neighbor!

    Greetings generous neighbor!

    Find something you have in common with this group:

    Greetings fellow student!

    Greetings fellow Africa lover!

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    1 decade ago

    "to an amazing person who will totally donate to our cause."

    lol. sorry. I'm as stumped as you.

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