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Could you see Dwight Howard being a Bull or Knick in the future?

Down the road I could see him going to the Knicks by 2012 to form the most athletic and talented front court with Amare Stoudemire and Carmello Anthony. He could also do some sign and trade package to go to Chicago for Noah and Deng and form a big 3 with Rose and Carlos Boozer.

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  • huang
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    Makes the main sense out of all the different communities interior the blend, yet chicago could no longer additionally be interior the Dwight hunt If i've got been the bulls i may be finding to commerce for somebody at the two and upload intensity to the bench the bulls are not a strategies faraway from a championship Dwight may be the respond, yet some thing in my intestine says that they're going to could desire to furnish up ALOT think of the Melo commerce circumstances 2.

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    I guess those things could technically happen but I don't have any inside information that leads me to believe either of them are likely. I think he'll probably stay with the Magic, he seems to enjoy being there and he's not really far off from being the greatest playing in franchise history (Shaq only played there for 4 years so it's not like he left behind and insurmountable legacy)

  • Anonymous
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    No Dwight is loyal to orlando not like Shaq.

    Source(s): little rondo
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    I am sure he will stay with the Magic and rub it in Shaq's face that he is a better Magic.

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    No, I don't see him leaving. I don't want him being a Bull any ways.

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    no...he is the TIm Duncan of the Magic

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    i see him retire as a Magic.

  • He could

  • -_-
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    No not really

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    Hell freaking no

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