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Family coming for XMAS..?

My bf and i will be moving into our new house by next week, and my bfs parents are going to be coming to see the new home. They have a 6 year old friendly corgi, spayed female. This will be my 7 month old male intact border collies first time seeing a small child out of a stroller or parents arms (the child is 10 months old and has been around the corgi since day one. My border collie has had strict training, and knows a firm down stay/leave it commands. How can we ensure that all goes well with no mishaps? He has never showed any aggression or over excitement when seeing babies in strollers or in parents arms or when walking by the park. Im thinking that i will keep the border collie pup on umbilical again?

We also have a 2 year old male intact cattle dog who has had extensive socialization with children of all ages. From a few weeks old, to 5+ years and he is always very gentle and sweet with them under direct supervision. He even brings the ball to them puts in on the child lap, walks a few steps away, lies down and lets the child throw or roll the ball for him. The thing is this family that is coming believes dogs don't need a lot of supervision when with dogs, i would never leave a child alone with ANY dog. My bfs 3 year old neutered male Shep mix is also very good with children but needs to be kept on leash as he is to playful and could easily accidental hurt the child in play.

Tips on how to make this go smoothly with all dogs AND politely tell the family that the baby cant be left alone with any of our dogs? and teaching the puppy proper manners around a child? My cattle dog seemed to have a natural sense of gentleness when around children opposed to my teenage friends when he gets rough with tug of war and rough housing.


Ive asked twice and not gotten any answers.

Update 2:

Ive not met my boyfriends parents before.

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    First, you said you give this puppy training. If your paying for the training, than you don't want to mess that up. Second, if it has been home training than you NEED to continue the training while there is a child there. Seeing as she has never been around babies that can move on their own this will be a new experience to her and can excite her. To her the child may seem her size and a appropriate playmate, in the sense that she can rough play. In addition they are coming to your home. They don't make the rules you do. And let them know, that it is first for the safety of their child and to teach your dog social skills with children. Also it is not a good idea to exclude her from this. When you get a dog she IS a part of the family an should be treated as such. So she should participate. And if she never has the chance to experience proper play with children than she never will, or since this is the first time and you were to exclude her the next time if you did'nt this could cause over excitement because the last time she was not allowed but this time she is.

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    If there is that much conflict and you have only been together a year, it may be wise to not go. Gatherings are suppose to fun, relaxing, enjoyable, etc... If they have mutual feelings towards you they probably don't want an evening of drama when they are wanting to visit with family that they may not have a chance to visit with much through the year. You can't force someone to accept you. You either hit it off or you don't. Confronting them would only prove their point. Let them see that you are the bigger person by not putting up a fuss and allowing him to enjoy some time with his family. When you say he doesn't stand up for you, is that just pertaining to his family? One good piece of advice never come between anyone and their family. You won't win atleast not in the end as the person will come to resent you. Family will always be there boyfriends/girlfriends and husbands/wives come and go but family is there until the end. EDIT: Your wording leads me to think your in your teens. Marriage is not the thing you should be concerning yourself with. Also his parents may be more accepting if you were an older couple. If it is teen romance which is generally filled with drama let this go you have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy your own family for the holidays.

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    Simply said: Your house your rules!!!

    This means that when it is your rule to not leave your dogs and any kid alone unsupervised (and I congrat you for this!) than everyone who visits you has to go along with that.

    To make sure that nothing happens I would say to keep your dogs in a separate room every time you or your boyfriend can not pay attention to them.

    About your puppy I would recommend to keep it on a leash for at least the first introduction.

  • I would suggest that you not rely on your family to supervise, given their attitude. If you or your BF cannot actively supervise all interactions with the child, then they should be retired to another area where they and the child are safe from each other until one of you is available.

    In the chaos that is "christmas family gathering" it is far to easy for accidents to happen.

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    When in doubt, but not wanting to exclude your dogs from the family event, baby gates work great.

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    tell your family before hand

    remind when they get there on house rules

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    get the dog a sitter.

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