How long after the operation will I be able to walk?

I am seriously really scared since this is the first operation I've ever had. I know they will put me to sleep while operating on my knee but I am so scared still.

I have to have a little bit of meniscus shaved off my knee which causes it to lock all the time or something like that. How long after the operation will I be able to walk?

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  • 1 decade ago

    After Surgery

    Rehabilitation proceeds cautiously after surgery on the meniscus, and treatments will vary depending on whether you had part of the meniscus taken out or your surgeon repaired or replaced the meniscus.

    Patients are strongly advised to follow the recommendations about how much weight can be borne while standing or walking. After a partial meniscectomy, your surgeon may instruct you to place a comfortable amount of weight on your operated leg using a walking aid.

    Patients usually need only a few therapy visits after meniscectomy. Additional treatments may be scheduled if there are problems with swelling, pain, or weakness.

    Source(s): i did not have mine repaired but taken out and i could walk within a week
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