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is there any hope for me and my ex?

Me and my ex never officially broke up. We have been together 6 months and we were getting really close. He has been hurt before and he is scared of getting hurt. He also has been dealing with a lot of stress at work. He called me and told me that he needed to deal with his stress right now, but reassured me he would be back. Sometimes he still texts me and asks how I am, but my friends are telling me that he is doing the slow fade. I've tried not to push him since he is dealing with this stress. When I do text him he always gets back to me and we catch up. He tells me what's been going on and he asks me what I've been up to. The thing is that he seems to rather go out with his friends rather then spend time with me. I don't know what to do because he hasn't officially dumped me and whenever I ask him about it, he says that soon things will be better. The other thing that bugs me is that the last time we were together we were really close and he opened up to me about how he feels and now he has just seemed to disappear. The only thing I have is the fact he does seem to answer my texts, but if I send too many he seems to get more distant. I don't know what to do. Was he just scared he was getting too close and is overwhelmed with that and all the stress he has at work?

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    The only one with he right answer is him!

    just well ask him, but don't be blunt.

    you just want to know where you are with him in the relationship right?

    Its no crime to want to know that.

    You guys still have contact, you say he got hurt?by you?

    I think the only way to find out is to talk to him about it.

    explain how you feel :)

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    Hey, what i suggest you do is PRAY... pray for him...if hes under a lot of stress than God can help him... i'm telling you this for my own experiences... God works miracles and god can help him and you... all you need to do is leave it in his hands and be patience... My boyfriend and i DID brake up and he would do the same thing he would text me once in a great while and i would text an text and text him every single day... bad idea... what i did is i asked god for help i poured my heart out to him and he helped me... me and my boyfriend are back together... it took time but know i'm happy and were back together... a lot of people don't know how to talk to god and ask for help.. Email me if you have any questions.

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