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I am a 14 year old boy and my sister and her friend(15) we were playing truth or dare I chose dare so now I?

Need to give me a girly makeover and they will take this to the end so just tell me what am I in for make up Clothes etc please anser

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  • Lily
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    If you live somewhere warm, she might put you in short shorts or a skirt and heels. Lipstick, gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush are all fair game. Maybe they'll make you wear a bra or a bikini and a thong. LOL. They'll probably mess up your hair, like put in barettes or a head band or bows and flowers. If you have long hair, they'll probably put it up in a pony tail or into braids or curl it. Good luck! Hope you survive this...

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    Well Im a 15 year old girl. And if I were giving a boy a girly makeover id put him in a dress. have insane like blue eyeshadow! pink lipstick, blush, etc.

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    So sorry but you are in for a lot of eyeshadow, heavy blush and lipstick, girly clothes and probably some jewelry as well.

    When they are done and you have paid your dare, you can borrow some make up remover from them to take it all off, afterwards just wash your face with soap and water.

    Good luck

  • Lots of blush foundation and GIRLY clothing!!!!!!!!!!! eye shadows brite lip stick possibly a wig and dresses you got yourself in quite a dilemma. Just expect a lot of things"disgusting" (to u ;))

    Source(s): I m girl
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    coming from a girl who has put make-up on guys before,

    I would expect eyeliner(guy-liner), sparkly eyeshadow, glitter, lipstick, hair clips, ribbons in your hair, etc.

    p.s. hopefully they don't put you in heels and a dress (don't give them any ideas)

  • ~~~
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    insane eyeshadows

    bright lips

    eyeliner that will make you look like a raccoon

    and lots of glitter

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    lots of pink probably, lipstick and hair clips!

    good luck bro

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