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Does My Teacher still Fancy after all thats happened !! ?x?

ok so me and my teacher have been quite close for about a year and a half hes 23 and im 14 he is really nice toward me but last friday i was haveing a massive arguemnt with a gurl and he was like whoaa calm down and broke it up before violence was used then he sent his class in he dosnt teach me so he told me to wait and me and him a had an arguent becoz he wouldnt listen then he was like this is silly so i sed sorry and he said he supported me fulyl after the arguement with the girl then we shook hands and he didnt let go and he moved close to my face about5cm away and was like will u be ok then he let go and as i turned around he grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards him and wass like are u ok again then after this he let me go and smiled me being me went and told 1 of my friends then all of a sudden a rumour got round that he was holdign my hands all the time and stuff then i had to tell him about the rumour and it went to the assiastant head and she dealt with it and sed hes not aloud to touch me and im not aloud to touch him so then since onday he had been ignoreing me then today he started talking to me i sed u ok sir u look really tiered and he sed yeh its been a hard term so i sed smile ur in school lol then he give me a cheesy smile back and was like lol then he went into his classroom has he fallen out with me do u think because of the rumour and does he like me X>?

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    properly.... if a pal first began it as a comedian tale then you definately factors them the ought to shoulder and that they'll ask what's incorrect. you're saying that because of the fact the sed you fancy the instructor as a comedian tale the full year is conversing approximately it. they'll then experience reli undesirable and tell all of us it rather is no longer real. If a pal did no longer initiate it off then the final component to do is faux you do no longer care (regardless of in case you do!) because of the fact on the tip of the day.... it rather is not significant what they think of roughly you. Or if somebody says 'Oh my god! You fancy Mr (whoever)' then u say oh yh i particular do in a sarcastic voice etc. good success, Be helpful xx

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    Even if he does like you in that way he shouldn't. he could go to jail and lose his job and never be able to get a job as a teacher again. That rumor would have gotten him in big trouble with heads of the school, which are his bosses, don't forget that. don't try to have romantic moments with him. you are too young. find one of the boys that are in your class or a grade ahead to pay your attention to.

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    You shouldn't care about if he likes you. If he does then he could be a threat to you and other children in your school. You are underage and he is in a position of care. He may not have been thinking properly when he grabbed your hand but that is no excuse.

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    okay whoaaa. you're only 14 and he's 23. of course he'll be angry if you tell the vice principal about this. if he's physically harming a minor in any way, he could go to jail. your teacher won't stop liking you educational - wise, but don't expect any romance or anything.

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    maybe but i would stay away because ur still under age and thats illegal he can get send to prison where he can touch every one but just be very careful my mom works in a prison she sees ppl like that everyday

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