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Why do Archeologist keep on disturbing King Tut's Tomb?

Why do they proceed to keep on doing it?

I believe In Curses, and it is said that anyone who tampers with his Tomb or Treasures is Doomed.

I've heard a story that an explorer of some sort had a canary to guide him, and a King Cobra ate it.

Is his tomb really cursed?

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    He was the youngest king and had one of the biggest tomb in the world. Why wouldn't archeologists be curious? There's no curse, just a spread of word to repel other people from entering

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    Used to be, people thought it was because of a curse. But scientific research has come up with some facts. One is that not as many people died then or later as first thought. Second is that it's possible there was a fungal spores in the tunnels and it was greatly disturbed by the daily movement in the tomb. Simply put, it wasn't a curse, but a mold in the dust sitting there for all those years undisturbed. The main dude involved in the diggings, can't remember his name, died many years later.

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    NO it is not.all snakes like birds.My sure did. one of the Original arch that opened Tut's tomb died of old age the only curse you have to worry about came from the Garden of Eden

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    Because they are not foolish enough to believe in curses.

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    I don't believe in curses and archaeologists don't need too either.

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    Because you touch yourself at night.

  • Anonymous
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    Curses don't exist.

    archaeologists are smarter than you.

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