Will Excedrin extra strength work for pain due to piercing infection?

i recently got two piercings, one in my cartilage and one in my helix on the same ear, they both ended up getting infected and now i have some serious pain in my ear, it feels like its constantly throbbing and hurts really bad. I'ma go to a doctor tomorrow but until then i need something to just take away the pain until i can go get it checked. Will Excedrin extra strength work to take away the pain fast, and if not which pain reliever works best

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  • Kat
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    1 decade ago
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    It might relieve some of your pain but not all of it. Try to put small ice packs on it to bring the swelling down until you can get to the doctor tomorrow. Get a couple of ice cubes in plastics bag and hold it for at least twenty minutes if you can. Repeat the process....Nursing Background.

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    Vicodin will be best but please take care of the infection ASAP. There is gonna be pain as long as there is an infection. I suggest also taking antibiotics ASAP good luck.

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