how can i do that????? i really need an answer....?

ok i really care what people think about me.......when they say sth bad even if they are joking i start crying......i want to stop doing this and don't give a damn about what they can i do this??? plz help me

ps.i am crying right now about that thing......

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well theres a problem with your self confidence and self esteem so you have to work on that. maybe you can write down the good things that you like about yourself. (there are some) everyone has good qualities, so you do too. you have think more positively. your feelings get hurt because you're insecure. everyone has insecurities but dont let insecurities control your life, you have to build confidence. dont focus so much on what you dislike but what you like about yourself. also another good thing is if its looks, then you gotta know that no matter how you look you gotta work with it. megan fox wouldn't be "hot" if she did't act confident about her looks. so work on your insecurities and find the things you like about yourself, be positive

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