Hunting blow back question more info below.?

I have a really jacked up shoulder right now so I can shoot my gun because of the blow back isnt there something you can buy to help with that like where is wont hit my shoulder? can you include a link if possible please,thank you.


I dont think a pad will work because the problem is my shoulder is very unstable and it will islocate easily.

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    1 decade ago
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    You have several options. Since you mention hunting, a machine rest probably isn't one of them.

    First a pad will help, a little. Past is a brand name of a very good recoil pad, and you can get them as thick as 1 inch. I have a 1/2" model and use it when I have to fire 140+ rounds of .30-06 and 8mm Mauser in a single competition. Look here:

    Recoil adds up, especially when shooting prone and from the bench. Shooting offhand, standing, and from sitting or kneeling will absorb quite a bit of it.

    Next, there are things you can do as far as the firearm is concerned. Gunsmiths can install muzzle breaks. While these will help A LOT with the recoil, they will increase muzzle blast and noise, so be prepared for that. Sometimes the other shooters near you may not like them, depending on how big your cartridge is. Here are examples:

    There are other recoil reducers that can be installed in or on your rifle as well. Look at these:

    Finally, you also sometimes select a less-recoiling firearm, depending on what you are hunting.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Since you are just getting into the hobby, I'd forgo the semi automatics. Just get a bolt action 22 long rifle or maybe the 17 hmr. A bolt action won't require as much maintence and is easier to learn to use. Savage makes a very nice model with the thumbhole stock. If you want something a little bigger than the rimfires, look at getting a bolt action 223.

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    I think you mean recoil...

    I'm not sure but i do believe there are shooting stands that will hold the butt of the gun and you just pull the trigger... This of course isn't practical for hunting. The only thing else i can really think of is a recoil pad...

  • 1 decade ago

    what the ***** blowback got to do with it lol i think you mean recoil um let me see...

    butt pad (get a real soft 1)

    heavier stock (should hold her back a bit)

    smaller caliber (if possible ,if ya shoulders tempararely ****** dont worry bout what i said lol)

    wear a jacket

    tape ya shoulder up in a way it wont get pushed to hard

    hope i sorta helped

    Source(s): whats YOUR source? yea that stumped ya bitch
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have pectus excavatum and cannot fire anything with a lot of recoil until my surgery.

    Right now, I hunt with a Browning Lever Action Carbine in .22-250.

  • 1 decade ago

    smaller caliber rifle fired from under the shoulder

  • 1 decade ago

    Caldwell lead sled will tame the RECOIL . Blow back is something else entirely.

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