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Why is it when i use a box fan to cool my computer down the temp actually rises?

i've tried blowing air into the computer and air out of the computer but it rises when i do,when left alone it is normal temp

bq~what does temp1,temp2,temp3,and core readings stand for on speedfan?

thanks in advance,any help is greatly appreciated

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    With speedfan, temps 1, 2, 3, 4, etc are the temperatures read off the individual chips by sensors built into their circuitry, if so equipped. These would be the "winbond" and "hitachi" chips on the board, among other varied ones...The core readings can either be the actual core temperatures of the processor , or the actual voltage of the core itself, or both, depending upon the settings you chose when it was setup. Blowing canned air or another fan into your computer may actually interfere with air flow patterns carefully planned into the components inside the case arrangement, and actually cause the temperatures to rise, depending on how and where they are measured.

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    blowing air into your computer (in the long run) will keep things at a more stable temp

    the reason for it being hotter or seeming to be hotted is that in general metal is quite a cold material (without being sciencey) and so when you first turn your computer on air in the case is colder than room temp, over the space of about 15 mins that air temp will rise quite alot due to the coolers dissipating heat and you will get to a point where hardware overheats, if you have fans blowing air into the case orginially the air may be a few degrees hotter but the hardware wont get as hot

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