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Is it possible to have feelings for your boyfriends twin brother?

my bf's twin brother and i are friends. we used to be really close, but now not so much...

he pops up in my dreams... and i dont know what to think of it...

HELPP!!! :(


also, some of my friends call me the "third twin" or say were the "triplets"

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    well if he's popping up in your dreams and that's all, i'm sure it doesn't mean anything ;) i dream about people all the time since i have a really good snapshot of many people's faces.

    but if you find yourself wanting to see him, and wanting to be with him more, then it may be possible. nobody knows for sure but yourself.

    if you really like your boyfriend, try to avoid his brother. but sometimes our feelings take over, so who knows!

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    considering that:

    1) they're twins, so they most likely look and act alike

    2) you used to be very close

    3) you are friends

    it is possible, but i don't know how to fix it, sorry

    Source(s): Hope I help in any way ^^
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    Well life is real not imaginary. Dreams are a really out there thing, and your dream is not uncommon.

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    Its no big deal..honestly. If you were close to him at one time maybe some old flames are coming back..just whatever you do..DONT CHEAT! good luck xoxo

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