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Can u get teaching credentials through the state? How?

I reeally want to be a teacher and I have my BA, took the CBEST, and have class volunteer hours but waiting to get into a state college just insnt working in my favor for many reasons! I heard u can get credentials through the state and was wondering if anyone had info on that! I would DO GREATLY APPRECIATE! I wish to teach spec ed if that is needed for any more info! I also live in CA.

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    If you have a BA and it is a major that is acceptable, try calling the Department of Education in your state. The phone number will be in the pages called State Government, anyway something like that. Ask what the criterion to obtain a teaching license in both elementary and high school, consultants in the Education Department will help you.

    There is another way that you can tell if you would qualify to be a teacher in your state. The requirements should be on the web site of the Department of Education. You can read the requirements yourself to judge whether you would be qualified. Btw, it may cost you money, prehaps $50-$100. Good luck

    Source(s): I was a college professor of education at four universities in Illinois, New York, South Carolina, and Washington,. D.C.
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