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Does he like me or is he just flirting?

For the past three days he has been staring at me. And we talk and stuff so he knows me! And he always ends up standing next to me in groups and he checked me out like twice. And my friend says when were together we are like a cute couple! Also we switched bookbags but traded back though. What does this mean!! and today he put his cold hands on my back and kicked my butt but lightly. He also touched my face with his hands both hands. So should I ask him why he stares at me like that with a dreamy look like he is thinking! And today at lunch he just stared at me and I stared back and then we looked away! What was that? Us trying to figure out what the other is thinking then we talked a bit but he seemed nervous idk and when he saw me going to the lunch line he walked faster to talk to me and he sometimes leans down like he cant here me like I am whispering.

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    he likes u so he flirts with u :P

    so if ur interested in him

    try 2 talk with him more often

    & ask him 2 hang out

    & try 2 figure out if he really likes u

    hope i helped :)

    Source(s): me & myself ;P
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