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Why would somebody defecate onto tissues on their own floor please?

Ok I went to a boarding school and I entered my friend's room on an occasion, without knocking.

(A decision I learned to regret).

Anyway my friend was crouched down over toilet paper, a book in his hand, which I believe was the communist manifesto, and despite the toilet being only just down the corridor, was excreting his crap onto toilet paper, which he'd positioned on the floor and such.

Anyway he also had a mug, which was from the public canteen, which was filled with his urine. Needless to say I ran from his room so fast it was unbelievable.

Why would somebody do that??


He used public toilets when we were out and just did this at boarding school.

And he didn't **** on the communist manifesto lol, he was glancing through it whilst he shat rofl.

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    Perhaps he had a pathological fear of using public toilets.

    Without more information, it's impossible to know.

    ~Dr. B.~

    p.s. I wonder how you determined that it was urine in the mug . . .

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    Yeah I totally knew a guy that did that in his own bath towel, plus he didn't shower for three weeks, so the commanding officer (air cadets) ordered the NCOs to detain him and hose him down. I don't know if it was legal, but let me tell you, as his roomate, i didn't much care for legal issues or not...

    I think he was just afraid of getting laughed at...unfortunately, your friend probably has a ruined rep now, unless you kept it a secret

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    He was probably planing a prank on some one.

    And because he's a C**t for taking a dump on the communist manifesto

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