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What's the most common dog breed in Houston Texas?

The question pretty much explains it.

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    Most popular dog is the labrador retriever. The link below goes into detail why if you are interested


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    According to a study released by the American Kennel Club, Houston dog owners are much like the rest of the nation when it comes to picking the favorite dog breed. The most common dog in Houston is actually the Labrador Retriever

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    The most prevalent in the shelter systems is the Pit bull followed by the Rottie. As for what is owned by people it varies in the area as far as rural or city. I don't know of any study done to deter min that and I lived in Texas 90% of my life.

    Source(s): I did recue for 17 years in Texas and pulled from a lot of kill shelters
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    Hounds and Shepard dogs known for their character and personality

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    Why don't you call the local animal control and ask. Like anyone on here is going to know.

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    Blue healer...the cowboys swear by them. Merle is the color of choice.

    Source(s): Post Grad Psych Pro
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    Black Lab

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