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Writers, what shouldn't you worry about when writing?

Everything? Plot holes? Names? Just finishing and/or publishing?

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    Popularity. If you modify your story to make it appeal to a broader base you will invariably water it down to garbage.

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    Jealousy: so don't compare yourself to others, it will only make you feel horrible.

    Money: embrace the stereotype of the starving author.

    Grammer rules: you're free to be careless with them when it's a rough draft--think of it as the unburdened expression of your truest self.

    Pleasing the masses: just write the novel you'd want to read. There will always be people who think your work is garbage, but also those who think it's flawless--neither are correct.

    Rushing: the race is only with yourself and sometimes the best ideas are lurking in the back of your brain and will only come out if you ignore them.

    Following your original outline: it IS a good thing if your characters take over the story and do things that'll surprise you against your judgement. Write by the seat of your pants, but figure out your ending early on.

    Sticking to an idea: it's fine to admit that an idea isn't panning out, it doesn't make you a failure.

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    The end. (Assuming your starting from the beginning). It might seem rushed that way. You shouldn't worry about what doesn't sound right because after you get your basic ideas down, you can fill in and fix whatever you need to.

    And don't worry about whether the plot is actually worth writing. You could turn it into something great. Authors use the most basic plots sometimes.

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    The cover. I've known plenty of people to waste most of their time when starting a book by looking for the perfect cover on Google Images. By the time they've chosen a cover, they've already gotten sick with the story, and they do something else, which starts a whole new cycle.

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    You SHOULDN'T worry about anything. Especially not whether people will like it--That is the LEAST important. If you love your story and you are confident with it and really get into it-Other people will love your story and really get into it. Confidence is everything, when you are writing. You cannot write half-heartedly.

    Source(s): I write. Probably not well, but I love what I write, so I figure other people will too.
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    About getting it published or worrying if people are going to like it and things like that.

    And sequels/prequels.

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    Stuff like what the cover is going to look like, what bookstore you want it to be sold in....anything that has to do with post-publishing. I hate it when people ask questions like: "How much will my book cost?" when they haven't even written the first page of it.

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    Don't think too much about individual words as they can be changed in editing. And don't keep re-thinking sections.

    Just Write.


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    finishing and/or publishing. everything else is ok, at least for me

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    The title and the sequel.

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