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i've heard that it increases appetite and since i'm anorexic, i'm recovering but i need something to increase my appetite.

i meant nutmeg the herb, the one u put on food.

how much is too much because i've heard that too much could cause death, and could be very harmful.

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    Don't eat it by itself...use powdered nutmeg cause if you grind too much nutmeg at once it has an euphoric effect. Use it as a spice or flavor in foods. The aroma itself will increase your appetite. Same with cinnamon and ground cloves. But just remember, too much or too little of anything isn't good. Im trying to eat more myself cause my body weight is low (high metabolism) my problem is my stomach won't helps to eat small amounts more often....and eat lot's of protein to help your muscles and organs to rebuild. Good luck!

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    Smoking weed can increase your appetiate

  • Matt
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    I heard that if you snort it, you can get high.

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