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What if a guy bugs you alot? What does it mean?

This gu i like but i dont think he likes me. i see him look at me during the day and in study hall, i sit by him, and he buggs me. He turns around and talks to me, or likr today he was like, so 4 guys in this room and you obviously dont like me and I left to get a drink when he was still talking and when I got back, he was sitting in my chair. I was going to ask him to move, he called me cupcake. Hes asked me who i like about 3 times, and when I read, he turns around and talks to me or again bugs me. i know im not being descriptive, but what does it mean? is he teasing me or making it a joke to tak to me??


is it bad that I walked out on him???????

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    He likes you! And he's trying to be 'cool' by being obnoxious.

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    depends does he act like he likes you or is he just goffing off in class or he could know you like him and hes just using you for a joke send him a message and ask why he asked you in class who do you like . and ask him if he still wanted to know and if he says yes then be honest with him and tell him you like him but didnt want to tell the whole class that way its a little more personal or better yet call him .

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    You know what it means. You just want to flaunt it...

    You know very well the obvious...that he likes you

  • He likes you, seems to be. He's just immuture still, obviously.

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    he likes u u will see he likessssssssss uuuuuuuuuu

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