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is it haram to say what the hell?

no i dont mean haram..sorry but is it wrong

and is it wrong to say the following things too..

Oh my God!

describing somethin as heaven example: when u eat something yummy or etc

expressing ur love for someone like this example: i worship the ground she walks on..

somethin like that

and a few more, i might add

k see ya


oh a few more:

for God's sake

for pete sake

what in God's name r u doing..

saying u r on cloud 9..

yeah.. is that wrong to say that then. thanks and like other similar things :/ jus wondering

Update 2:

okayy? well what about the other things.. is it wrong to say that ? 8-)

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    These most of the time lead to saying worse things such as oh sh*t! or something vile.

    One should restrain their tongues from saying anything but good speech.

    I agree with the user above say subhanAllah or mashaAllah.

    You won't find pious people saying these phrases so it is not good to utter them insha'Allah.



    Again these phrases have no benefit and are useless really. One should express his amazement or dislike of something by Mentioning Allah with SubhanAllah etc.

    These phrases are just pointless words being recorded by the angels, and as time goes by people say these things on impulse and make it a habit and they run their mouth more than necessary.

    If one were to say Masha'Allah and it became a habit you might attain blessed speech because you constantly mention Allah's beautiful name.

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    The Islamic Ruling on Slander

    Nameemah is an abomination. It is very widely spread amongst people and very few are safe from it. Nameemah is prohibited by Ijmaa’ (consensus of the Muslim scholars). There are many clear references from the Qur’an, Sunnah and Ijmaa’ of the Ummah about the prohibition of Nameemah. Al-Hafiz Al- Munthiri said: “The Ummah has agreed on the prohibition of Nameemah and that it is one of the greatest sins in consideration with Allah.” Nameemah was prohibited because of the hatred and enmity that it might cause amongst Muslims.

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    No it's not wrong, just make sure whatever you say doesn't break the second commandment: Thou shall not take Allah's name in vain.

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    Saying Subhana'Allah,

    or Alhamdulillah would be more rewarding.

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    What the hell is haram??????????

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