35 Weeks, the end is in sight! tremendously sore stomach.?

Anyone else just ache like crazy when they get up from laying down or sitting to long? It's the worst part of my pregnancy right now. What can i do to help this last month more bearable?

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  • I'm 35 weeks also! We are almost done! I'm not sure what to do about the aching. My doctor said its from this hormone that relaxes your joints during pregnancy. I sometimes take Tylenol if it gets really bad. Weird because I never ever had this with my first but since about 24 weeks I have been so achy. Like an old lady!

    Source(s): Mommy of the cutest 3 yr old boy ever and 35 weeks with boy #2!
  • im only 28weeks and feel exactly the same! like a little old lady lol!

    hope the next 10weeks fly by because these little niggly aches and pains r so frustrating


  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry not much, just take it easy and time will fly, hard to I know, but enjoy it, once it is over you just might miss it all!

    Try a full length body pillow to snuggle up to and take some pressure off, it worked for me

    Source(s): Mother of 1
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