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Windows XP File Names that are Used and or Saved?

I've heard that Windows XP doesn't recognize files saved with spaces or . (dot) that can create some problems.

I could be wrong, but one of the rules we were supposed to follow is to always avoid .(dots) and spaces when saving files from way back in the day. We have to replace the spaces with obviously with a - (hyphen), or _ underscore or whatever.

Does this hold true anymore? I'm still doing this for safety. I'm still not putting any . (dots) in any of my files, because my CCleaner and/or Windows recognize (or doesn't recognize) anything after a .(dot) as a type of a new file type or something. Mostly I want to be able to save files with a space in it without worrying about it down the line.

Stupid question, but I "hear" there are no stupid questions, but "stupid ignorant people" [... that repeat the cycle and pattern, repeated obliviously without gaining additional knowledge of current trends : ) ]

Something that just popped up in my head and gotta ask.

I appreciate it in advance.

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    Absolutely no issues any more with spaces unless they are files to be hosted on the internet in which case dashes/underslashes are advised. Do not put full stops/periods in file names as this will be taken as the file's extension and so your OS won't know what program to use to open the file or how to treat it.

    Spaces - Fine

    Full stops - Don't use ever

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    No spaces don't mater anymore if in doubt then enclose the file name in "quotes"

    if you are still using XP then a good book to use as reference is

    "Windows XP Annoyances" by: David Karp

    ISBN: 0-596-00416-8

    It is VERY good for the XP user and can't wait for the "Windows 7" version

    Source(s): I still like XP better than this new Vista or 7 crap - rix
  • hi

    its okay to use dot or space with names for folders and files dont worry about it in Xp system

    ** i tested before answer its okay

    good luck

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    Open a DOS-field/Command instant. Use cd to navigate to the pc Use dir to confirm the records' names. Use del to delete the records, one after the other, employing their printed names. once you're fortunate, you could initiate typing the call of the 1st record, and once you style the fourth or 5th character of the call press the TAB key. it might complete something of the call for you.

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