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What is the differences between ovaluation and fertlization ?

My period comes every month on the when am i most likely to get pregnant if I have sex?

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    Ovulation is when you are in the best time to get pregnant as your ovaries has just released an egg. Fertilisation is when the sperm meets the egg and fertilises.

    If your period comes every month on the 20th and is a regular 28 day cycle, you will most likely to get pregnant between the 30th (of the same month) to the 5th (of the next month).

    You can use this website that calculates your ovulation dates:

    Or you can type 'Ovulation Calculator' on Google which will give you loads of links to also find out your most fertile dates. Good luck x

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    You will ovulate on the 3rd through the eight. In order to determine when you ovulate count from the first day of your period which will be the first day all the way up until day 14 when you reached the 14th day that's the first day of ovulation and it lasts the Maximum 5 days. Here is also a cute calendar that can help you as well:


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