i am sorta confused. Please Help LGBT?

Okay so when i was 11 i kissed a girl. Well i made out with a girl. i liked it a lot i hadn't kissed a guy at the time but i started questioning me sexuality. because i always saw girls as beautiful and hot and things but i thought it was my low self-esteem. now i am 13 and i have come out to a few close friends that i am lesbian. i like this girl a lot and when i turn 14 the first 10000 dollars i get i want to buy a diamond ring for this girl. i know i am only 13 but when i turn fourteen that is what i want to get her. i mean when i get a job at jamba juice. i know it will take forever to make but idc. i mean i think i am in love with her. i wont date any other girl but her. i would die for her, i would do ANYTHING for her. except the only problem is she is 10 years and 11 months older than me. but she has held my hand at a concert, she hugged me a billion times she kissed my cheek and other little things like that. we met on a boat in July and then i came back Again because i wanted to see her. so we went in November. I couldn't stop staring at her every time i saw her. i want to tell her how much i like her it just hasn't come out yet. she hardly knows i am lesbian but i know she is and i seriously think i am in love with her.

sorry this is so long.

but my questions are:

1) do you think i am in love with her

2) do you think i should date her

3) do you think i should buy a ring for her

4) do you think she likes me back

no hate comments please. Thanks Again.

BTW if i were to get a ring i would let her have it no matter what.

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    Sweetheart, me being a 20 year old, I know that you probably really love her, despite what other people say about 'puppy love'. You can love someone when you're 14, trust me, I know. You have to talk to her first, okay? Tell her how much you love her, as embarrassing as that sounds. Or write her a letter and let her read it. Because you might find out that she only likes you as a good friend. I have a 14 year old sister, and I always hug her friends and kiss their cheeks. And it's not statutory rape, as some people say. I'm just a loving person, and this girl you're head over heels for, may be the same way.

    So I think, before you get the job at Jamba Juice, that you should talk to her and see how she feels about you. Even if you love her, you still need to ask her about HER feelings towards you. So yes, I do think you love her.

    I think you dating her would be looked down upon. As long as you two aren't having sex, or kissing then you can date her. But only if you aren't doing anything illegal, okay?

    I think the idea of you buying her a ring is sweet, and I know she'd appreciate it. But please just wait until you talk to her. You can start saving up money, that way, if you change your mind, you'll still have some extra cash. (;

    I also think that she does love you, but maybe not in a romantic way. But maybe she does, what do I know? Talk to her and see.

    Just don't have your hopes set on spending the rest of your life with her. You may find a girl exactly like her, who you love just a much (if not more) and she's in your age range.

    Good luck honey ;)

    -- Jenny

    Source(s): I dated & fell in love with an 18 year old when I was 13, I understand you. :)
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    1) Puppy love, sweetheart. You're 13...& she's what, 23-24? My gosh.

    2) No

    3) NO... seriously, do not waste your money.

    4) I'm sure she cares for you to some degree but for f**k's sake if anything happens to you, that's effing rape. Sick.

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    1) I don't know, only you do. It's probably just infatuation.

    2) No

    3) Definitely not.

    4) She probably thinks of you as a cute kid.

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    i'd go with the plastic-replica O> !

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    Seduce her

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