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What is the style for winter?

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    Leather jackets.

    Military boots.

    Plain scarves.

    Converse (oh wait! they're always in style!)

    Dark skinny Jeans.

    Uggs boots.

    Pendant necklaces.

    Graphic tees.

    Lotsa layers!

    Good luck! :)

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    Oversized sweaters, blazers, brown or black boots (knee-high riding boots or lace-up military-style), and button-up shirts with cardigans. The geek-chic and/or combat look is definitely in style. Colors this year include neutrals (tan, beige, light brown, grey, and black), olive green, and light pink. Textures/fabrics include corduroy, leather, and fur (faux, hopefully!).

  • Matt
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    Long-jorns and sombreros

  • 1 decade ago

    scarves, jeans tucked into uggs is always cute, and a pea coat.

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