How can I raise my ACT score?

I took it twice and both times i got an 18. First time i did it with writing n the second time without. Im not happy about it at all. i thought i could at least get a 21... Im really good at english but i have trouble forming essays. i know what to say but idk how to put it into an essay form. im not that good at math but i think my skills are decent enough, im in algebra 2 cuz i had a teacher that didnt teach and most ppl didnt pass the year before like me but we have a new teacher now. Ive always got all As and Bs in my classes except for a C or D in math just cuz maths so boring and it takes forever, but im actually good at it when i do the work lol. do i really have to be like an honor roll student to get a really high score like a 25? I live in Ohio and I had to take the Ohio Graduation Test in 10th grade and im in 12th grade now, idk if other states have some similar test to this one, but u have to pass the writing, reading, social studies, math, and science tests to graduate. i passed all the tests except math with advanced or exceeding. the levels were passing, above average, advanced, and exceeding. not really sure the names are right but its almost the same. i passed math with passing by 10 points. and ive taken honors classes in english and social studies all 3 years except this year cuz i thought that i could take a little break. but it seems too easy which sucks. so anyways, i heard that u basically only have to have a really awesome essay to get a high score, is that true? please and thank u for any help :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Study and do math. If you do your best and know as much as you can, then you cannot do anything better.

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