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Stepped on a small piece of glass?

I was outside barefoot and I stepped on a small piece of glass. I cleaned it with a washcloth and pulled 2 small pieces of glass out. I don't know if I got it all out or not.

It stings and is still bleeding a little bit. I just got a tetanus shot at the beginning of September so I'm not worried about that. But what should I do to make sure all the glass is out? How do I clean it?


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    It is not the end of the earth to get a bit of glass in your foot!

    Just wash it and dress it (somebody suggested duct tape - that is really good for feet because it is strong and does not hinder your being barefoot). If there is any more glass it will come out eventually. If you find it is uncomfortable, then you will have to get it checked out by your local heal providers. I would wait a bit for the natural process before I went that far.

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    Poking around in the wound will probably cause more injury. You can go to an urgent care center or your primary care physician if you like. Don't let then run up your bill with X-Ray, glass slivers that small will not be visible on the film.

    If you prefer top save some money, go buy a tube of Neosporin or Bacitracin ointment and some band-aids. Apply a nice glob of the ointment to the band-aid and apply the band-aid over the wound. The ointment is hypertonic and will help the tissue expel small foreign bodies from the wound. Replace the ointment/band-aid daily, keep the area clean and dry. If the sensation of something in the wound persists for more than a day or two, then certainly see a physician.

    In the future, keep going barefoot because it's much better for your feet, knees, hips, and back. Just watch where you're going.

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    You probably got it all. Any more exploring of the wound has a likelihood of doing more harm than good by cutting up your foot looking for something that isn't there. Let it heal. Put a plastic bandage over the wound and a slightly larger piece of duct tape over the bandage and you'll still be able to enjoy going barefoot while it's healing.

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    Geez, I HATE when that happens to me!

    If it stings then you probably still have a splinter in you.

    I've used a sterilized sewing needle & a tweezers to pick them out. You can gently pry it to the surface with the needle, high enough to where you can grip it with the tweezers.

    If it's at an awkward angle or if self-surgery is too creepy then go to the Urgent Care.

    Good luck!

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    i frequently sense the place it is discomfort and as quickly as I already locate it, i press the exterior around the centre of the discomfort and get a... (what's that gadget that we use to pluck hair?) see it with a magnifying glass. if the piece would not stab too deeply, we can nevertheless eliminate it via plucking it. in case you are able to no longer see the piece the two because of fact it is too small or it is too deep, then bypass see a physician... yet because of fact the exterior on our foot is extremely thick, i'm constructive it won't penetrate too deeply.

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    You should probably go to the hospital Emergency just to be sure that you got all of the glass out.

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    Sounds like you got it all, if your that freaked then go to the ER. Use peroxide or alcohol to clean, its gonna sting but it will work.

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    if it still hurts ( like a sliver hurts ) then there is still some glass in there.

    go to an urgent care center and they can do an xray to find the glass.

    I do it all the time at work :)

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    You need to go to the emergency room before you get an infection.

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    You need alcohol or peroxide and you need to squeeze it best you can to get the glass out, if any is left you will feel it and if you can't see it or get it out you can go to the ER.

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