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Why can't I get into the Christmas spirit?

I feel like I'm stuck in the summer. I still wear t-shirts. I've tried dressing in more sweaters, etc, listening to Christmas CDs, lighting "Christmas" scented candles, and even putting up, lighting, and decorating my tree, but nothing is seperating me from summer. I'm usually a total Winter freak! I love cold weather, the snow, and all the winter and holiday cheer. I think this has something to do with my partial summer fling-ish-thing..... well, more of a really close summer bond. I never got the guy's contact info (I know, I'm stupid...) and I keep thinking that I'm going to see him again, and that it's going to be some joyful reunion between us. I just How do I get out of summer? I miss feeling cozy during the holidays!!! :'(

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    Maby your just sad about somthing else but dnt know it, dont listen to people like that girl above me saying its bulshit, that will just send you farther to the darkside

  • Maybe you realized it's all just corporate bullshit, because Christmas is the celebration of the supposed son of God being born, and none of those things have anything to do with that. Exactly.

    Edit: The darkside? Bahahahahaha. Am I a jedi now? It's a fact, get over it dear.

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    After a certain age, the magic is just gone. You stop getting excited about toys, the weather rarely cooperates to have a "white christmas". It really is a holiday for children, the magic comes back when you have kids.

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    Cant really force yourself, but it will kick in soon.

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