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I want this girl to be with me.?

I've known this girl for three years now. Three years ago, we dated. Only that it was for about a month. She broke up with me :( Now three years have past, and since ive graduated from high school, her and I have become practically become best friends. My situation is I want to give it another try. Just about two months ago, she just got out of a year long relationship (we were best friends while they dated). The guy was a total asshole to her. Like literally. He apparently has hit her, threatened her and I together, pretty much anything a total jerk would be. By the way, he's also in the army. Well she broke up with him for how he's treated her. Also to make things a little clear, her and I have kissed while they dated :/ A little bit after they broke up, I asked if we could go steady. But she mentioned that everyone of her past relationships (excluding me) have treated her horribly. Every one of them. I seemed to be the only one that didn't. Lucky me, huh? Well we've now started to do things a regular couple would do, minus the label part. We've kissed, held hands everywhere we go, cuddled, stayed late at each others house, etc. When I asked her out, she said she wanted to make sure everything was "clear". I don't know what that really means, but I went along with it and told her I'm ready when she is. The question I'm getting at is, should I wait for her to say something or should I just take that leap and hope she says yes?

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    Ask her. I mean there is only so much you can do. You guys have been friends for a while, but you have to take the initiative, if she doesn't want a relationship then maybe you guys can be friends but do you really want to stay in the friend zone forever? Honestly it's not cool how she's leading you on either, if she wants to stay friends then why is she holding your hand and kissing you? Talk to her

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    take the leap, if you broke up before and are still friends what's the worst that can happen? i understand she probably doesn't want to be labeled yet but if you guys are already in 'couple mode' then i think she's ready.

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