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I want to play basketball next year but i dont know if i will get the position i want?Suggestions please?

Im 16 a sophomore that likes basketball. I tend to play one year of basketball and then take a year off and do track instead. I play football every year. My freshman year i was center and never took a jumpshot and only did layups and get rebounds i felt like Shaq i hate playing center. Right now im 6'0 180lbs very fast and have a good mid range shot. I still have to work on my 3 pointers and passing the ball. Do you know what i have to improve to be a Small Forward or Power Forward for next year. I think playing JV in your junior year is a good idea because you would get a lot of playing time.

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    Small Forward, you gotta improve everything. You gotta be versatile. Pass, Score, Defense, Rebound and other stuffs. Power Forward, more like in the paint, Post Score, Rebound, Shot Blocking, maybe jump shots and passing will make you better.

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    do you like basketball better than football ?? there are a few good pro football players that played basketball , but at some point they had to decide where they were going to get a paycheck from....however you still have time so work on all your fundamentals and become good at each part ... get the knowledge know the game whatever you play the way a good coach knows the game.......

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    Work hard on developing the necessary skills for the position that you want and more than likely you will be a good candidate for it and may get that position.

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    I think you'll be Small forward a lot but sometimes you will be Shooting guard.

    (P.S. it depends on how tall people are on you're team)

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