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If I have salt softened water, do I need to add aquarium salt to my Molly tank?

My house runs on a well, and the well uses natural salt (un-iodized) to clean the water (which means no chlorine). I have 20gallon tank with 1 male molly and 3 females, and they apparently need salt to live healthy. Should I add salt to the softened tap water? If so, how much would you recommend (ex: 1 tablespoon per 5gallons)?

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    How soft is your tap water? If it is extremely soft, adding salt might not hurt as they do benefit from slightly hard water. They benefit from marine salt since it has the buffer capacity, pH, and other elements the mollies benefit from, but they can live in completely fresh water just fine! I have several in my soft water planted tanks and several in brackish tanks, and even one in my reef tank!

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    Approximate the quantity of water required to make up the water substitute (yet no longer the quantity lost by evaporation) and use this parent to examine the quantity of salt to operate. Measuring the quantity of water lost to evaporation is done first (comprehensive factor to suited of water earlier substitute). Then eliminate the quantity of water you're replacing and degree back (or eliminate the water to a container of well-known quantity). both way upload the appropriate quantity of salt and fill up. The formula for calculating quantity is length (in inches) x width x intensity divided by 231 equals gallons. After some cases you'll likely take care of to positioned the calculator away and "eyeball" the most suited quantities. an a lot low priced puppy keep hydrometer (for measuring certain gravity) will warn of salinity lengthy gone wild.

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    Mollies don't need much salt.

    You probably don't need to.

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