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My plot of my story what do you think? please read please!?

Fifteen year old Abigail and her parents and siblings move into a house in Arkansas. Her brother soon changes. He becomes more distant and starts to yell more often. He won't sit at the same table they sit at and won't sit on the couch with them. As the family becomes more and more afraid Abigail discovers fingers and toes in a box in her bedroom. They're cut up and chewed on. Soon Landon, her brother, starts to act stranger. He screams at night and he never makes eye contact with anyone.

Does that sound good, by the way the house is haunted.

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    It sounds good. I like the idea of it and all, but the storyline is a little overused (assuming you're doing the possessed child in a haunted house thing)....it reminds me of "The Grudge" or something.

    Just expand the plot and add more details, and it'll be great. Good luck! (:

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    1) Cut out the haunted house part, unless Landon is possessed.

    2) How is not making eye contact stranger than chewing on severed digits?

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    some good, but there feels like there something missing! like .... maybe you need to but in a questions, asking cans he save him in time, by doning something special, or how will she ever ecsape!

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    Creepy. . .good idea though!

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