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Why do we support Saudi Arabia?

Lets fact it, I thought we were against dictatorships and single party governments, so why are we supporting a country that oppresses the rights of its citizens, preforms public executions and is controlled by a single family? Its one of the last absolute monarchy in the world.


They ever have separate freeways for Muslims and non-Muslims.

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    For the same reason we still do business with China. It makes rich people richer, and the politicians know who they work for.

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    Any nation that supports our economic and/or social interests (but mainly economic) is A-okay in our book.

    THis is why I tell Muslims who side with those on jihad that instead of complaining about the governments of various Muslim majority nations, they need to overthrow them.

    As long as the new governments support our interests, we don't care what kinds of atrocities or freedom losses they incur.

    I would be willing to bet if the new government of Iraq was Communist or Fascist or a theocracy it would be okay as long as they went along with whatever we wanted to do.

    I remember, with Amnesty International, begging people to do something about the Taliban when they were just persecuting women and blowing up art and statues. No one did a dang-blasted thing until people the Taliban were harboring attacked America.

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    That is a good question. I know everyone says oil. Actually we get almost no oil from them. We import most of it from Canada and Mexico, even Venezuela. Of course if the idiots in Washington would let us drill for our own oil - of which there is plenty, we would not need any imported oil at all.

  • Anonymous
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    If we're against brutal dictators that oppresses the rights of it's citizens, then why did we Install/support Pinochet, Suharto and Saddam Hussein (until he defied us and invaded Kuwait)?

    It's not 'we' that support these dictatorships, it's our government. They don't give a phuck about people or rights, they care about power and profit. Saudi Arabia has oil.

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  • Anonymous
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    I don't understand either, and Saudi Arabia is ruled by one of the most vicious regimes in the world.

    Meanwhile, while we're over here in the US of A, we also keep ourselves busy bragging about our fabulous democracy and our freedoms, meanwhile we are going insane over an imaginary socialist takeover, yet we go to our capitalist companies, who bankroll China, a predominantly COMMUNIST nation, where child labor is A-Okay.

    The right wingers want to see some REAL pinkos? They can go to WalMart, where about 97% of the goods are made in China.

  • Gaijin
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    Oil and they are supposed to help moderate the other Muslim countries.Alternative resources would help wean us away form foreign oil.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oil is thicker than blood!

  • Duke
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    1 decade ago

    We need their oil.

    Maybe if certain groups would let us pump our own oil we wouldn't need so much of theirs. (And yes, developing other energy sources would be nice too.)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They have gas.

    Wait, I should rephrase that. They have oil.

  • Anonymous
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