help me? i need character names?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

well this guy is guardian angel, to a girl who is going to be killed so she has to try and save her, and hes like patch in hush hush (its a fanfiction) so hes badass, tough, rough, but weak hearted for her and ends up falling from heaven when he goes back because they find that he fell inlove with her the human girl. his two friends are also angels and this is them;

viktor-long orange hair pulled back into a ponytail, minor freackles, bright green eyes, sarcastic and really smart. looks like shaun white so like this

beck-shaggish bleach blond hair, blue eyes, hates to be last and absolutly has to be center of attention, outgoing, arrogant. looks like

the two that i need names are these two;

the fallen angel/guardian angel (i was thinking jesse)- badass, sweet when he wants to be, weak hearted for the girl, face is usually impassive unless hes wearng one of his famous arrogant/cocky grins or his crooked smile, black eyes, smart, runs fast and can kinda read minds can plant thoughts in peoples heads. has black shaggy hair like

the girl who is mention several times urhhhh welll-shes nice, popular-but not snotty or patheticlly thinks she amazing, modest, smart, sweet, pretty, uhhhhhhh green eyes brown hair and looks like this

so i need two names for them. thanks!

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    I won't suggest names because I think it's always better to find a name yourself then to just take one someone gives you, but I will give some advice.

    A good resource for finding names is You can search language/country of origin for names, as well as search for names with certain meanings. You're bound to find a good name if you browse around long enough.

    When you're naming your characters, think about names people might actually give their kids. It's better to have a common-ish name 9/10, since that adds credibility to the story.

  • 1 decade ago

    Edward and Bella is the first that come to mind..but here are more combos..

    James and Chloe

    Aaron and Chelsie

    Luke and Sloan

    Brady and Nicole

  • 1 decade ago

    Chord and Emily

    Blaine and Samantha

    Evan and Sarah.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    guy: Lucian

    girl: Genevieve or Angelina

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