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How Do I Ask A Guy Friend To Be My Boyfriend?

I've liked my guyfriend for awhile now, I think he might even like me back!

I was wondering how to say I want to go out with him? I don't just wanna say "Hey, wanna go out?"

- I'm not afraid of him saying no (I'm sure i'd be bummed at first) but i'd get over it eventually.

If you could share stories that'd be great too.

How'd you ask your crush out? We're you nervous?


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    just bring it up casually. just do whatever you feel like doing at that exact moment. dont try to plan every single detail out....I had almost the same experience, my guy friend and i liked each other a lot. it started out just as flirting and then it changed into like holding hands more and he hugged me a lot. so one time we texted for like 4 hours one night and he made me guess who he liked. i guessed everyone but me and I said just tell me, i have no clue. and after i sent that text, i fell asleep. when i woke up in the morning, i read the text and it said its you:) i knew you were the right one for me ever since i first saw you. and after that it was just kind of obvious and he eventually asked me out at a bonfire and everything just seemed natural and easy. nothing was forced which was great.

    so i hope i helped somewhat. goodluckk! :)

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    write him a note if you are in school or over the phone just say hey wanna go to the movies or just hang out sometime . or even say soooo what do ya think about me or better than that get a friend to tell him you have a crush on him and let her tell you what he said thats usually the magical thing to do that way if he says no i just like her as a friend then you will know to back off and just be friends right .

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    Many times, when your trying to ask you guy friend out, well it might make you a bit scared, or nervous. Don't worry, those are called butterflies! When you think your ready to have a relationship, go to your guy-friend and ask him " I like you, but I'm not sure you do, if you do then I really want you to be my BF." If, your guy-friend is not that "nice" to you or doesn't show any signs of "Love" or wanting to be a relationship, don't brother to ask, he might not talk to you later on.

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    well thats the thing. one time a year or so ago i had asked a guy out who was like a bff. then he had said no and i was like devastated. but he had said he liked someone else or didnt feel like it right now. i had used a note though. still the point is u never kno what will happen especially after it does. just do what ur heartsays is right

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    There's nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out. However, he may not think so. So be casual and see if he enjoys your presence. Does he like to spend time alone with you? Try to speak to him when he is alone. That'll give you a hint.

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    me and my boyfriend met at school my junior year and he was already out of school. when we hung out he was really sweet and was just really cute about the whole thing. i was so nervous every time i was around him. he gave me the butterflies but in such a good way :) when he just flat out asked me to be his girlfriend i said yes immediately. and now we have been dating for 15 months and its great :) there's no harm in asking him if he wants to be your boyfriend. its cute and if you think he likes you back im sure he'll say yes.

    good luck!

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    whatever you do do not do it through a note! ahaha but anyways i asked my guyfriend out in 8th grade and this is how i did it:

    we were texting and we were talking about relationships and stuff and i asked him if he would ever date me if he had the chance and he said yes. so then i said soo do you wanna go out with me then? and he said yes..

    he was my first boyfriend :)

    but i'd do this in person...not text

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    Try this. Send him a note saying "I like you, do you like me"? Have 3 boxes. The Yes No and Maybe box. Works everytime for me. lol

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    I personally, dont think its right for a girl to ask a guy out...but if you want to, just be super casual about it. see what he thinks about you.

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    I was very nervous. This is what happen

    Me: hey whats up

    Crush: not much you?

    Me: same

    Crush: Yep

    Me: well let me think of something to say....well alot of people say you like me

    Crush: lol

    Me: Do you like me?

    Crush: Idk do you like me?

    Me: sorta, yeah

    Crush: well then I like you

    Me: well then do you want to go out?

    Crush: yeah sure i guess.

    (this was over facebook)

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