why wont my ps3 do any updates via internet, even though my connection is good?

Whenever i play an online game (or game with online features) the update thing comes up, so i automatically try to update it. yet when the update is just just about finished, a message says something like it should turn my modem & ps3 off then on later or contact my modem manufacturer - why is this, even when it comes to playing online/signing in/connection to the internet, there seems to be no problems?

(p.s - i've only seen this in battlefield: bc2 and madden 11)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Maybe you could follow the instructions and contact your modem manufacturer.

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    1 decade ago

    Do the update manually and here is how you do it.

    1. Find a usb drive that is larger than 168 MB and format that to FAT32.

    2. A computer.

    3. Download the newest firmware from the computer (2).

    4. Go inside the usb drive and make a new folder which you call PS3, and under that you make another which you name UPDATE. Under that folder is where you keep the firmware (3).

    5. Plug the usb drive into the ps3 and power it.

    6. In the XMB go to Settings ---> System Update ---> Update via Storage Media.

    Source(s): PS3 Firmware http://9.bb/6kS Partition Wizard Home Edition http://9.bb/2x5 PS3 Manual - Update using a PC http://9.bb/3U1 XMB http://9.bb/3TD
  • 1 decade ago

    Your internet card is probally fried or your internet provider is down.. (Mine is all the time =O)

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