Who would you hire for this position?

I recently took part in a group interview for a Supervisory Position with Arvest bank. There were four of us in this meeting. I'm both nervous and hopeful about the outcome. I would like a little feedback from others to see where you think I might stand. (I'm going to outline all four of the prospective employees, but I am going to leave out which one I was. Just so that no one will biasedly pick me in hopes to have their answer chosen.)

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble I would appreciate some honest feedback on why "you" would hire the individual. Thank You.

P.S. All prospective employees adhere to the requirements of the job. It is coming down to person individuality.

-Prospective Employees-

1. She has 10 years of experience in a bank as a teller. She is presently undertaking college courses online but does not presently have a degree. She is outspoken and speaks clearly. She hopes that in five years she will be higher up the food chain at the bank, having witnessed many people work their way up quickly. She was dressed professionally. Her hobbies are; taking care of her three pets and spending time with her husband of three years.

2. She worked as a waitress at Waffle-House for several years and claims to be a sweet and kind girl who has many returning customers who look to her for their service. She spoke with a very soft voice that could barely be heard and was extremely shy and uncomfortable when talking. She spends her spare time taking care of her child and hopes to still be in college with a business degree in five years and to still be with Arvest.

3. This lady is re-entering the work force after her husband’s War Veteran wounds make it so he is unable to work. She has six children ranging from twenty-four months to college age and spent the past years home schooling them. She claims to be very dedicated to her work and thrives in a fast paced environment. When asked about working every other Saturday, as everyone else in the company does, she declined and said that her Religion required every Saturday’s attention.

4. She is an English Education major at the University and takes classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She is currently in contact with the Literacy Council located in the area and hopes to teach ESL (English as a second language) in her spare time in the near future (only on Sundays, which is not a scheduling issue). She claims to be a good communicator and has two years of customer service experience. She had a falling out with her last employer whom she only stayed with for a few weeks due to their inability to schedule her working hours around her education. She left the job as opposed to skipping class. On the way out the door, she expressed her hope that her past employer would not negatively affect her chance at the position and that if they contacted the employer before that, they would have nothing but nice things to say about her.

-Things that I consider when debating on who I think will get a call back.-

Prospective employee 1 - She has worked at this bank for ten years, why hasn’t she been promoted before?

Prospective employee 2. - Sales is a big part of the position, she is so quiet, timid and unconfident that future customers may feel uncomfortable talking about their financial issues with her.

Prospective employee 3 - She seems dedicated to tasks but her inability to work on Saturdays would make it so that other people did not get to have a weekend off. She also is just coming back into the workforce and may be rusty.

Prospective employee 4 - She has no previous experience in a bank setting.

-About the job-

There is an extensive six week inconsecutive training period.

Also, if the people hireing thought that #1 experience in a bank made her the best choice, why waste their time and interview all the others?

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    I would most definately hire number 1. She's been with the bank for 10 years, dresses professionally, wants to move up with the bank, and makes herself known, as you've said. Being a teller with a decade of experience, she must have wonderful people and organizational skills. Number 3 would be my second choice, because of her managing abilities (kids, husband, previous experience). Next would be number 4, an English major must have good communication, but seems to not be committed to work if she quits a job and while working there couldn't manage her schedule around school. I would not even consider hiring number 2 for the supervisory position, but maybe just as a teller if I hired number 1 to the supervisory position. Hope you get the job!

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    Number 1. Her experience is why. As to why she hasn't been promoted, I really don't know. Many reasons: bank froze promotions, she didn't apply, other people were more qualified, etc.

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