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RuneScape Powerbot Isn't Working!?

I've used it for about 5 days now and it's worked perfectly, the site is working, but when I get on the game it says "Loading - please wait.". It's been doing that for ages now. I rebooted my computer and tried starting it again and nothing seems to work. Help please.


I didn't buy it, it was free. And I've already been ban for awhile. So I am botting a noob cause I don't want to get all those stats again.

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    yeah the sites down now im not to sure whats going on either i was useing it this moring :/ and like 30 minutes ago

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    Honestly i think you should have thought about that before you bought it. You should delete that from your computer and EARN you skills in Runescape and not cheat. And also, it seems as if this bot is causing trouble now, wait until Jagex finds your character and bans you.

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