i really need some help on this one?

tomorrow is my moms birthday and i bought her a nice necklace

but the box it came in broke in two when i opened it (my fault) at home to look at it before i wrapped it

im a man so i dont have any other jewelry boxes on hand

how should i give her the necklace without the box?

any creative ideas would be great


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    1 decade ago
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    Put it on a little kid and have her discover it on her own.

    Worth a good reaction so camera ready.

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    this may sound cheesy or gay but if you have a small top a wear type thing you can tape the necklace down so it to move around and wrap it you can explain to mom after she opens it, who will laugh in a good way knowing your a guy and ask what happened to the box it came in ,lol good luck

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    1 decade ago

    Ask the neighbors old jewelry box?!

    Make a cushion and put it on there?

    wrap a plastic tub and line it?

    hang it off something?

    Good Luck X

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    1 decade ago

    well haha thats funny but it would be better without the box...when she gets up in the morning just have it wrapped in a clean white/black cloth..(or without one if you dont have it)

    behind your back and say "happy birthday" and pull it out and put it on her neck...that way she will wear it all day...the box actually doesnt matter she might throw it away anyways...its whats inside tht matters...hope this helps...=)


    Source(s): dont worry its not like shes going to feel any different about your gift if it doesnt have a box...shes your mother for god-sakes..they always love what there kids get them..even if its just a home made card..lol
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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe just display it really nice without a box. black tablecloth behind it kind of like how you see them in jewelry stores. maybe a card to accent it

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