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Abused childhoods..why?

Why do people from physically/sexually abused childhoods tend to physically/sexually abuse their own kids? Don’t you think they would learn that it messed them up and they shouldn’t mess up their own kids?

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    Unfortunately, we tend to repeat the sort of behavior we experienced in our childhood because our formative years literally contribute to forming who we are. Children naturally model the behavior of adults, even if it is horrible behavior, and that sort of social learning can become a deep instinct in people.

    People CAN learn from the past and try to avoid repeating it, but generally, they learn from it consciously and may still have to fight against instinctual desires engendered by childhood abuse.

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    To me, it's an easy answer: animal abuse is dar worse. Personally, I would never hurt either, but I loathe children and love animals. So I don't really care what happens to kids. Some kids kind of deserve it sometimes.

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    Let me just say that if you were abused as a child, life is going to be harder than it has to be. For someone to be subject to abuse from an early age, the beginning of everything you have known, it makes everything else from that point on harder than it has to be.

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    That's a good question. Maybe it is because they do not know how else to raise their children because that was the way they grew up. Or it could be because they just have a hard heart because of their experiences

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    they abused their child because they were abused by their parent,\

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