What is it wrong with my Light?

My kitchen light is giving me a lotta trouble. I turn on the switch and it most often takes at least 5 tries before it goes on. I changed the bulb (florescent bulb and fixture) but the same thing is happening. I'm thinking maybe the switch but could it be something else?

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    It is not your switch if it was it would not turn on at all or always stay dim. The ballast is out in the fixture you can buy new ones for most lights and they are pretty cheap. It takes a little bit of wiring to put them in but if you can read and see color you should be able to do it, just remember to turn the power off at the circuit breaker and if you doubt you abilities can an electrician.

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    if it is a CFC screw in type flourescent bulb its probably the switch. If its a tube type bulb its most likely the ballast in the fixture itself. Try the switch first, easy 99 cent fix if thats the problem.

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    it sounds like the wall switch to me. sounds to me like the contacts are worn in the switch.

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