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What do you think about James Patterson as a Writer? (read the whole thing)?

Upfront, I've never read any of his books and I probably won't.

Like Dan Brown, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, etc. He's been panned for poor writing, lol. I love it when authors criticize other authors, lol. Stephen King has criticized Patterson and even called him a "bad writer." Patterson gets criticized a lot for having bad plots and characters, along with atrocious fiction writing.

So, my question to you, only those who have read Patterson books, what do you think of him as a writer? Also, what do you think of his constant use of co-writers? He also gets criticized for that, and many people don't even think he writes his books.

Has anyone read books earlier in his career? If so, how does the writing earlier in his career (Along Came a Spider, for example) compare to his most recent novels with co-writers? Is the style still the same?

Patterson fun facts: He's the best selling author of this decade and over the last few years has outsold Dan Brown and Stephen King put together.


Nicholas Sparks, too. He's considered a bad writer and many people say he regurgitates the same plots for all his books.

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    I love James Pattersons books. I havn't read many, but I love them. The chapters are short, which I love, and the story doesn't dwell on unnecessary parts. And the actions great.

    I don't care if anyone says otherwise, James Patterson is a amazing author.

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    James Patterson Writing Style

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    James Patterson is alright as a writer. He's not horrible but his writing is nothing spectacular either.

    I liked the Maximum Ride books, but the Alex Cross books weren't my cup of tea. Barely twenty pages into Along Came I Spider, I regretted buying it. I read it anyway, but didn't read the second book. I think his writing is average at best and while there's a lot of plot holes, I don't think his characters are VERY bad.

    Also, I think the writing style of the Alex Cross books differs from the Maximum Ride books. Nothing significant, but there's a slight difference. Or it could just be my paranoia.

    I don't know if he writes his books or not, but I've always wondered--if he was going to have someone else write his books, he could've picked someone better. Just saying.

    Dan Brown--I like his plots. [Kill me!] However, his writing shows a lack of research and well, the reason they sell is mostly because of the scandalous element.

    Stephen King--I like his books. Some are horrible, but some are really good too. I hate the way he's always criticizing other authors though. [Sometimes it's fun to watch! :P]

    Stephenie Meyer--Why is she even being considered?

    Nicholas Sparks--It's ultimately the same thing-mushy romance. I didn't particularly enjoy his books, though A Walk To Remember was okay. This could be because I hate romance...

    Haha, I realize you didn't actually ask for all that I just said :]

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    I don't think I've read any of his books either.

    I'd have to say, though, I've _never_ read a good book which was by someone who was formerly a solo writer but has used a co-writer for it. I think it's pretty much understood that the co-writer is the one who writes the book. The Big Name just reads it through and tweaks it a bit.

    Dan Brown's books are a joke. I'd take them more seriously if he didn't brag about how much research he does. "Much" to me would involve getting at least as far as relevant Wikipedia articles.

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    I have read many of his books - and enjoyed most of them. I like the 'Women's Murder Club' mysteries the best. I have wondered about his using co-authors. Maybe his brain just comes up with so many ideas for books, plots, characters, that he outlines them for someone else to finish. Whatever he's doing, and with whom, the readers seem to be satisfied with the finished product.

    I often read 2-3 books a week, so one that is every day fare rather than fantastic isn't a waste of time, and doesn't bother me.

    After all, how much of an autobiography is often written by the actual person?

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    I love James Patterson's books. He is an awesome writer. I really don't think its fair to compare him with Stephen King. They have two different writing styles. I feel that Stephen Kings books are sometimes so lengthly in his dialogues it almost (to me) is boring. I have only read a couple of his books mostly because of that. I have probably read at least 85% of James Patterson's book and have enjoyed every one of them. Especially the Alex Cross series. As a matter of fact, I just picked up Stephen Kings older novel "Geralds Game". I'm going to try and read another one of his books (again).

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    1) Dan Brown's works "Deception Point" and "Digital Fortress" were brilliant.

    He is a bad writer only when he started the whole Da Vinci code series.

    2) Stephenie Meyer can't write...

    Yeah, 'nuff said.

    3) James Patterson's series about the kids with wings, don't remember the title offhand, is great for kids as the characters are brilliantly created and relatable. (You know, relatable for kids with wings.)

    However, his entire mystery series is awful.

    4) Robin Cook, however, remains my least favorite author.

    I know this is completely unrelated, but the man has his characters act like four-year-olds.

    It's not a good book when you completely despise the main character with all your being...

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    Why would people say Dan Brown and James Patterson are terrible? Meyer and King I can understand, but what??? I honestly think Stephen King has way too many books and the writing isn't even that amazing to be honest. They're interesting, but not fantastic.

    James Patterson is okay. Again, I don't find his writing THAT good, but his plots and characters are pretty cool. Witch and Wizard is a great book! And Maximum Ride is really cool.

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    I've read about 3/4 of all Pattersons books and clearly love them. I actually enjoy his use of co-writers bc it changes up the stories while keeping the Patterson flavor alive. I particularly enjoy his novels because they are "page turners". The chapters are so short that I'm always like, ohhh just ONE more chapter before bed..which turns into 10, haha :) Great author!!!!

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    I love James Patterson. I think his writing is very fun, mysterious, and well-worded. His series Witch and Wizard is brilliant. I do think some of his books are kind of ridiculous, but what author doesn't?

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