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If poverty were eradicated, what would the negative consequences be?

Sure, poverty is horrible and all that, but I'm curious as to what negative side effects it might have. Is overpopulation a viable example?

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    This isn't a simple question with a simple answer. To fully understand what the end of poverty would look like, you would have to remove yourself from the state of the current status quo. An end to poverty would need to include an end to wealthy individuals, and end to the middle class, lower class etc. Capitalism couldn't survive unless there were a large number of impoverished people, so we would have to look at the world from a Socialist point of view. So, depending on your opinion of Capitalism, that could be a negative thing right there. An end to Capitalism would mean an end to jeweled necklaces on rappers, and Escalades would no longer be a relevant cultural symbol. There is a whole host of other consequences of Socialism, some negative in Capitalist terms, but most morally very positive. It's a tough question to answer actually, and there are people who make careers out of trying to properly answer this question. My suggestion would be to research this topic further, outside of Yahoo Answers, and see what you find.

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    That is like asking "if people didn't need oxygen to survive, what would be the negative consequences?"

    There will always be poverty as long as humanity exists.

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    if you cannot become poor, why bother working? There will be a lot less getting done.

    Besides, society's definition of poverty is changing over time. By the standards of 1900, 99% of people of the US are middle class - most have their own place, eat enough food to be obese, many own cars. And I bet quite a few lower-middle-class indians would happily trade places with US poor.

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    It would mean everyone in China and India could buy a car, which would increase fossil fuel emissions drastically which would in turn melt the polar icecaps which in turn would flood parts of the world which aren't high enough above sea-level.

    That is of course assuming we don't get any plagues or anything which just kill off all of the poor people leaving only the upper and middle class left.

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