Question for working soon to be mothers?

Just wondering if your co-workers offered things to you? Like did they offer to give you baby clothes or baby things from their recent birth?

I had a co-worker who just offered me bags of clothes, a bouncer and a swing. I am SOOO excited about getting this stuff. I'm not due until April, but I would like to start to get things together now so I won't have to worry about it later. I am so thankful for what she has done for me. Anyone else been blessed with willing to help co-workers?

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    Oh my gosh, it is insane how giving people are when it comes to babies. I go to the post office for work everyday to check our post office box. I mean I am there like 5 minutes a day. There was a woman that worked there that would say hi to me whenever she saw me and one day she asked if I need any maternity clothes (she noticed I was pregnant,obviously) and gave me a whole bag of maternity clothes. Then a lady at work that worked in a different dept than me that I barely knew that had an 8 month old gave me a bag of stuff that was still in the package that she never used like a sleep sack, onesies, blankets, etc. Relatives came out of the wood works and gave me stuff. Everyone asked if I needed any thing. It is amazing what people will do for new babies.

    My co-workers also threw me a baby shower and completely furnished the baby's room and gave me a gift card for $150 to target along with awesome individual gifts.

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    I've had a few co-workers give me books to read an such but the best thing is my boss getting everyone together to throw a small shower for me here at work..i'm not supposed to know about it but I have connections haha

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    I was given so many things by co-workers but not friends and family. I think our co-workers are closer to us than we realize. You soend most of you awake time with them. My daughter is 1 and I am still going through the clothes.

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    its not the same but i have a friend who has offered me tons of baby stuff if baby is a boy but she also has unisex stuff as she never found out the sex so she had to buy unisex stuff, ive had a few friends who have had boys offer me stuff if i am having a boy, i think its just the niceness coming out of people

    Source(s): 14 weeks preg EDD 10th June 2011
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